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Boomers Go Digital in a Post-Covid World

And, now, here we were. Phased out faster than anyone imagined, sent into early retirement by a virus. We weren’t done! We’re Boomers–we have years to go before we’re done.!Yet, this particular virus, this novel coronavirus, is very hard on the mature professional. Just read the statistics. It’s a disease impacts those over 55 more than any other age categories. And, for some of us to go back to that traveling lifestyle is likely to cause an ugly, untimely death.

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Wired At Any Age

As an early adopter, bleeding edge technologist and consumer experience consultant, I’m in a lot of conversations about how technology is impacting the future of

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What Drives You?

For far too long we have believed that  human motivation was limited to ‘carrot and stick’… not much more than Skinner’s black box of behavior

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