Wired At Any Age

As an early adopter, bleeding edge technologist and consumer experience consultant, I’m in a lot of conversations about how technology is impacting the future of retail. I think I have a unique viewing point for a number of reasons. Not only am I a demographic/psychographic outlier for most digital trends but I also provide IT […]

Is your ‘heavy lifting’ more emotional than physical?

Many people are discovering that the source of their exhaustion today is not the physical work they’re doing, or even the mental work, but instead it’s all the emotional labor they do to manage their emotions and the emotions of their customers, coworkers, bosses and family members. We often hear the comment, “I don’t know […]

Who’s High Maintenance In Your Life?

We call someone ‘high maintenance’ when responding to them requires us to use energy above and beyond what we consider normal. In other words, I have to do things that don’t come naturally to me and it will cost me energy to restrain my natural response and additional energy to produce the necessary behavior. For […]