Is your ‘heavy lifting’ more emotional than physical?

Many people are discovering that the source of their exhaustion today is not the physical work they’re doing, or even the mental work, but instead it’s all the emotional labor they do to manage their emotions and the emotions of their customers, coworkers, bosses and family members. We often hear the comment, “I don’t know […]

Strengths: A Self-renewing Energy Source

Why Strengths? It has become common knowledge that having an opportunity to use your strengths every day in your job leads to greater engagement. Recently, I was in a discussion of Job Fit and the different approaches that can be used when matching people to positions. The first strategy is Adapting: training and coaching people on the skills […]

What Drives You?

For far too long we have believed that  human motivation was limited to ‘carrot and stick’… not much more than Skinner’s black box of behavior modification through reward and punishment. Fortunately, psychologists began to question this model and suggest that there were more motivators involved. Clearly, reward and punishment works for shaping animal behavior but […]