Wired At Any Age

As an early adopter, bleeding edge technologist and consumer experience consultant, I’m in a lot of conversations about how technology is impacting the future of retail. I think I have a unique viewing point for a number of reasons. Not only am I a demographic/psychographic outlier for most digital trends but I also provide IT […]

Strengths: A Self-renewing Energy Source

Why Strengths? It has become common knowledge that having an opportunity to use your strengths every day in your job leads to greater engagement. Recently, I was in a discussion of Job Fit and the different approaches that can be used when matching people to positions. The first strategy is Adapting: training and coaching people on the skills […]

Flourishing, the New Science of Wellbeing

With all the advances we’ve made in medicine, we are likely to live much longer than our parents and grandparents. However, living long doesn’t necessarily mean living ‘well’. For the additional years to be a gift and not a curse we need to flourish in several key areas of our lives. Martin Seligman addresses this […]