Jacquelyn Small


Jacquelyn Small was a significant teacher of mine for many years. I am very grateful our paths crossed in the Jacquelyn Smalllate 1980s because she had created a unique blend of psychology and spirituality that charted the path I wanted to follow. Many years later, I still find inspiration and direction from her books and teachings. The experience of Breathwork with the Eupsychia team was my entrance into the mystical world….a rich and wonderful world.

Books by Jacquelyn Small

The Sacred Purpose of Being Human: A Journey Through Twelve Principles of Wholeness

Becoming A Practical Mystic: Creating Purpose for Our Spiritual Future

Living Your Bigger Story: The Practice of Sacred Remembrance

Transformers: The Artists of Self-Creation

Becoming Naturally Therapeutic: A Return to the True Essence of Helping

Psyche’s Seeds: The Twelve Sacred Principles of Soul-Based Psychology

Awaking In Time: The Journey from Co-Dependence to Co-Creation

Embodying Spirit: Coming Alive with Meaning and Purpose



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