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Positive Psychology is ”An umbrella term for the study of positive emotions, positive character traits and enabling institutions” Seligman

Positive Psychology operates at three levels

  • Subjective–about feeling good rather than doing good or being a good person
  • Individual–
  • Group

Seligman now believes the topic of positive psychology’s well-being and the ‘gold standard’ for measuring well-being is flourishing. Well-being according to Seligman has five measurable elements that count towards it they are:

  • positive emotion (of which happiness and life satisfaction are elements)
  • engagement
  • relationships
  • meaning
  • achievement

According to Seligman’s revised theory of positive psychology, happiness which was previously its centerpiece is now only part of a wider construct of well-being. The goal of well-being is to increase the amount of flourishing in one’s life and on the planet. To flourish an individual must have all of three ‘core features’:

  • positive emotions
  • engagement and interest
  • meaning and purpose


An individual must also have three of six additional features:

  • self-esteem
  • optimism
  • resilience
  • vitality
  • self-determination
  • positive relationships

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